Sunday June 9 offshore aboard the Capt John

Capt Johnny Williams certainly put the 58 fishermen on the partyboat CAPT JOHN today onto a great and varied species catch. The destinations for today's fishing was rocks and a wreck about 58 miles to the SSW of Galveston in 130 to 135 ft. of water.

For the most part, the standard partyboat baits of pieces of cut squid or whole Spanish sardines accounted for the catch. A red snapper boat limit to 27# topped it all off. The effectiveness of boat positioning, fishermen's efforts and great baits put this great catch into the iced fish boxes:

116 red snapper, boat limit to 27#

9 vermilion snapper

2 mangrove snapper

1 Grasby grouper

1 Warsaw grouper, boat limit, 37#

1 rockhind grouper

1 blackfin tuna 25#

1 ling 28#

4 African Pompano

2 porgy

1 bluerunner

7 amberjack (released, closed until July 1st)

Cindy Lucia, Texas City, had the catch of the day and the red snapper season, a really nice 27# sow red snapper. The big red snapper hit a 3 oz, red/white Snapper Slapper fished on the bottom at 130'. She also had one of the "catch & release" amberjack.

Rita Baumann, Texas City; her red snapper limit to 15# hit a 3 oz, sardine tipped Snapper Slapper. Also in her catch was one of the released amberjack.

David Rodriguez, League City, with the 28# ling, red snapper limit to 12# and one of the African pompano.

Douglas Tigtig, Houston, red snapper limit to 10# and another trip highlight - the 25# blackfin tuna that ate a freelined sardine.

Gerry Deguzman, Houston, red snapper limit to 10#.

Paul Wilson and 16 year old son, Kevin, who is the current Texas Junior Record holder for lane snapper, each with red snapper limits to 12#. Kevin also had the day's third "Highlight fish", a 37# Warsaw grouper that ate a shad fished at the bottom. Paul and Kevin are from Oklahoma City, OK.

Katy Doleman (an important part of the Williams PartyBoats Office Staff) and her aunt, Paulette Schumacher, each with red snapper limits to 10#. Katy also caught one of the African pompano.

Jim Marigliano, Dallas, with a red snapper limit to 12#, an African pompano and a rockhind grouper.

Rob Richardson,Athens; had a red snapper limit to 17# taken on a 3 oz. pink/chartreuse sardine tipped Snapper Slapper fished in the mid-depths. Rob also had a vermilion snapper, one of the released amberjack and an undersized Spanish hogfish which was also released.

I told you at the beginning that Captain Williams put the 58 fishermen on a "great and varied species catch". The highlight moments and catch totals certainly verified it.

This information for the last few days' Capt John reports came to me by way of Rob Richardson since I didn't fish those days. Thanks to Rob for his detailed input that helped make the reports what they are.

Patrick Lemire